Erik Grönvall

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I am an Associate professor in the People and Computational Things (PACT) section and the IxD Research Group at the IT University of Copenhagen. I have a Ph.D. in Telematics and Information society with a focus on Participatory Design and pervasive healthcare IT. I have 13+ years of experience working with, and designing, healthcare technologies. I have been teaching university classes for eight years; for example in Service Design, Physical computing and Participatory Design.

I have an interest in designing for everyday wellbeing, health and healthcare, especially for non-clinical settings and use. I’m interested in infrastructuring, co-design in non-work settings and civic engagement. I have done much work on care networks and collaboration between formal and informal (care) actors.

My role in the project will be to participate in research, for example related to co-design of services and other systems and technologies to support Give & Take. I will also be involved in co-authoring scientific papers.

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