Fixing computer problems for an older friend

By May 23, 2014 No Comments

Anne is a 70 year old artist and likes to spend time on a small remote island in Greece. She spends half of the year there, painting, the other half in her hometown in the north of Europe. Anne likes to spend her days working and her evenings sitting in bars and coffee places with friends, chatting or playing Backgammon.
Since she is away from her family for long durations of time, she contacts them often via Skype on her old Macbook. Anne also shares a Dropbox with her son who uploads new audiobooks for her every now and then. She mainly uses the computer for these tasks and is perfectly capable to use it along with an external hard drive as long as no problems arise. When something is wrong though, she doesn’t know how to deal with the problem.
One evening, sitting in one of the coffee places, playing Backgammon, she brings up her computer problems and asks if someone can help her with it. Since I’m using a Macbook too, I offer to come by and have a look at it.
The next afternoon we sit down on her terrace, she offers me tea, and tells me a lot of amazing stories about her live on the island, while the Macbook is busy downloading the necessary updates.