Give&Take is a digital platform. The platform supports volunteers and employees in organisations, municipalities and communities in creating and managing local- and interest based sharing communities.

The idea

The number of senior citizens (in Europe) is expected to increase over the coming years. The Give&Take project seeks to accommodate this development by supporting a rich and active life for seniors. Research shows that the opportunity for social exchange through giving and taking without any money being involved, supports active communities, development of networks and good neighbourliness. This is the foundation for Give&Take. The project seeks to explore how to support seniors and others to develop new communities or enrich existing ones and thereby contribute to increased life quality among seniors. Through a digital platform that can be used on computers tablets and smartphones, Give&Take supports networks of giving and taking, exchanging help and favours and sharing knowledge and ideas with one another.

An example of a Give&Take relation

Inga retired five years ago after a long working life as a bookkeeper. She enjoys the senior life, but she also misses her old co-workers and the community she was part of when she was working. Through Give&Take Inga discovered that her skills, as a bookkeeper still can be useful for others. Now she is helping both young and old members to create an overview of their finances. In return Inga has found people who can help, with some of the things she finds challenging. For instance Eric has helped her to put up new shelves in her apartment and Karen has helped her getting started using her new smartphone. Through Give&Take Inga has found new friends in her local neighbourhood and become aware of the all the different activities taking place in her area.


On the Give&Take platform it is up to you what you want to get involved in and how much you want to share. The digital platform gives you the opportunity to get an overview of your local communities and the activities taking place. How many you want to share with depends on what you are sharing. There are things, which are fine, even beneficial to share with many. And then there are other things that you maybe only want to share with a closed limited circle. Give&Take should not replace what already works well in the existing communities, but can contribute to strengthening the existing networks and social relations.


The partners

Give&Take is a 3-year, collaborative research project funded by EU, between researchers and partners from Denmark, Austria and Portugal. The partners cooperating on the project are:

  •   The IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  •   The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design (Denmark)
  •   Frederiksberg Municipality (Denmark)
  •    Socialsquare (Denmark)
  •   The Technical University of Vienna (Austria)
  •       Take The Wind (Portugal)

Collaborating with seniors

The project collaborates closely with different senior communities in Frederiksberg (Denmark) and Vienna (Austria). Through dialogues we have learnt about how to create, maintain and expand active communities. The experience, knowledge, feedback and ideas from existing senior communities have all influenced the development of the digital platform as it is now.

The onion model 


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Living Labs
From start 2016 to mid 2017 we are refining the final digital Give&Take solution. This is happening through an on going active involvement of senior Citizens in Frederiksberg and Vienna. Several exiting communities have been chosen to try out the prototype in a real life context. The participating communities active use of the platform, will help to improve and shape the final solution through continuous dialogue and feedback. In return the participating communities will get a chance to experiment with developing new ways of exchanging and hopefully make it even more easy and fun to take part.