Katharina Werner

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Katharina has studied Media Informatics at Vienna University of Technology. Before returning to the University as a project assistant she was responsible for user involvement and conducting and planning user trials at the Institute of Rehabilitation and Assisted Living Technologies (CEIT RALTEC).Her expertises are within the areas of user experience, participatory design methods, human computer and human robot interaction especially in the field of AAL.

At the end of the project she is hoping to see people who are proud of having managed the hurdle to use “technical devices of the young generation” and new relationships evolve between people who did not have a lot of social contact.

Within the Give&Take project Katharina is involved in planning and conducting of workshops, focus groups, interviews and trials with potential endusers of the Give&Take service.
Furthermore she will work on establishing a Living Lab in Austria and accompany the participating seniors and representatives of senior organisations throughout the whole project.

Katharina loves to share travel experiences.

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