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I am an Associate Professor in the Interaction Design Research Group at the IT University of Copenhagen. I hold an MSc in Computer Science and Danish Literature & Language, and a PhD in Computer Science / Informatics. My current research focuses on interaction design in the area of design related to social aspects of aging. 2014 to 2017 I am the scientific coordinator of Give&Take. Recently I participated in two research projects: SeniorInteraction, and the LevVel Mødestedet also focusing on design in the area of aging. My future research agenda generally focuses on Interaction Design for a Good Life. I have been a co-editor of Digital Creativity since 1998. Further I have been a member of the Danish Disability Council since early 2011. I love novels, poetry and nerdy cooking.

In this project am very interested in exploring how to do infrastructuring for exchange of human skills, competencies and things, and in understanding how we can change society and give new meaning to welfare, solidarity, participation and citizenship.

My primary role in this project is to be the scientific coordinator and through this make sure that we establish a good dialogue and strong collaboration in the project, and communicate our results to people that for different reasons find this project interesting.

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