Martin Sønderlev Christensen

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Martin is a partner in Socialsquare. He holds a PhD from the IT university of Copenhagen in HCI with special focus on understanding and designing  social interaction and creating online sharing communities. In Socialsquare Martin has been working as a consultant advising a wide range of public institutions and private companies in understanding what social and digital technologies means for their business, product and organization. And he have been designing and  building digital platforms and services. 

For Martin and Socialsquare the Give&take project provides ample opportunity to work in the cross section between academic research, business development and product design, while working to understand and design for civic and societal important issues of empowering elders and care networks.

His role in the project is to lead the product and business development of the service exchange concept in collaboration with the other partners. Combining methodology from prototyping, design thinking, Lean startup and business modeling user centered design he will facilitate and ensure the conceptualization and product development of the product platform.

He likes sharing knowledge.


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