Mrs. Sunshine, the coiffeur and time keeping

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In a small town in Turkey, Mrs. Sunshine celebrated her 84th birthday. As usual her hair was dressed by her 30 years’ long coiffeur, whom she calls „almost from the family“ after so many years together. This small shop is across the corner where she lives, she lives there for last 30 years visiting the same hairdresser every second week. She used to go there weekly, even couple of times a week as she was younger. For her, getting her hair done is not that important anymore. But, she keeps going there regularly. Actually she says, getting hair done was kind of always secondary.

In sixties, she brought new magazines there that she brought with her from aborad. At that times, it was not possible to get European models that fast, she was the door of the coiffeur shop opening to Europe (as she was travelling frequently). This is the place where she found two of her six brides (for her sons), and it is still the place where she could ask for help for any issues, e.g. getting rid of her old furniture that she cannot use anymore dueto physical changes. Altough everything changed from the decoration to the workers, she still feels it is like „second home“. It is the second most comfortable place after her own living room for an afternoon tea.

If she is around, people tend to stay a bit longer, ask about old times or let her sing some of the old and at that times modern tangos. Her young and cheerful style contributes to the relaxed environment. The hairdresser also tells old stories whenever memories are evoked, to younger generations, on old good days, big events like balls or marriage ceremonies.

She is offered tea, people ask her if she needs anything from the shopping area that they can pick up for her in the next hour. After 1-2 hours she spends there, she is usually accompanied by one of the persons leaving the coiffeur at the same time with her. Her shopping bags (that are organized by people or via telephone in the meanwhile) are also carried by the people who walk her home, as people are concerned about her walking to the home alone. She never used a walker nor a walking stick, which would mean being „out of all these services“.

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