Music does not know any age

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Peter has always lived for music. He is a passionate piano player, but since a couple of years his only “public appearances” are when he plays the organ in church.
In Rosi’s living room there’s a small piano her husband used to play. Her grandson Paul would love to learn how to use it right, but unfortunately Rosi can’t teach him.
One day at church Rosi asked Peter if he could do her a favor and teach her grandson to play piano. Peter was skeptical at first as he had never taught anybody how to play the piano before, but then he decided to give it a try as it sounded like a pleasant change from playing alone at home. Peter soon liked his new task and started to give Paul weekly lessons.
As Rosi – who loves to watch them playing piano together – does not have a lot of money and Peter would not have taken any anyway, she always invites him to a chat with coffee and cake after the piano lesson.

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