My grandmother’s backyard

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Since i was a little boy I have always helped my grandmother with her work in the agriculture. My grandmother have always had many things planted in the backyard and those things need care if we are counting on eating them someday. So, I was assigned the mission of helping taking care of the culture.

At the time it was not really an option, I had to do it. Everyone in the family was assigned to some kind of task in my grandmother’s backyard. I remember that I didn’t like to stop playing to go help in the backyard but later on I started playing in the backyard while helping (or at least trying to help) so it wasn’t that hard to help. But since I couldn’t refuse to give a hand, maybe that should’t be considered as a favor (it was more in the line of “unpaid service”).

Anyway, I grew up and today I continue to help my grandmother. Her backyard is smaller now and has less things that need to be taken care of and it’s less work. Also, the years have passed, so my grandmother is older and now she doesn’t have the ability to work like when I was young.

Right now, I don’t help that much, I help only when I can but the backyard continues to grow and my aunts work there instead of my grandmother (who only watches the others working – some can call this the one of the benefits that come with age…). But even without working there anymore, I believe that helping my grandma was a very good experience that taught me the value of gratitude and the satisfaction of helping someone. Those are the values that I try to keep today and I would like to have a backyard (maybe the same as my grandmother) someday so that my children can learn there what I learnt.

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