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I took a degree in software engineering and my main interest is in developing software projects. I have special interest in designing the architecture and developping the core of the applications. My experience is not so much on the interface and user experience (you can say that i make things work…but not in the most beautifull way).

Give & Take is a very nice project on top of the simple concept of giving something and taking something, this can lead to more friendly communities and that would create better communities. And since the project is for the elderly, this objective is even more noble because those people need more from the others than the more youg people. For me, given my background, my main interest in the Give&Take project is on how the technology will help achieving this very important objective.

My role in this project will be participating in the software development. I will have to take part in the data model design and help deciding how to implement the project features. Also, and before everything, i have to take part in the process of deciding which technologies will be used for each component of the application.

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