Build, sustain and grow your
local community effort

Empower local citizens, social clubs, neighbourhood centers, volunteering with digital tools.

Give&Take offer you a platform for getting started and grow your effort with a webplatform for creating meaningful and sustainable communities hosted by you for the people that are making a difference for each other.

Help each other out

Allow community members to ask for or provide help to each other.

Share stuff

Have a spare meeting room, workshop or tools that just sits idle? Manage sharing of inventory in your communities.

Meet and greet

Make it easy to see what is going on, when and where, who's coming and coordinate who does what.

Talk and learn

Facilitate meaningful conversations, learn from each other, keep in contact and share important information


Easily invite and onboard users to your communities

we know how to start, scale and sustain communities, get access to our learning ressources


Control access to communities by making them open or closed.

track analytics and act on progress in your communities.

Manage user and delegate administrative roles to managers, coordinators and volunteers

Set up

Easy set up new communities to your organisation and promote all your communities in one branded organisation page.

Let us help you get started

Give&Take is based on a 3 year research project based on living labs in Denmark, Austria and Portugal. Throughout this periode we have gained deep inside into how to setup and run communities particularly with senior citizens.

We can offer you a proces where you are consulted by Give&Take researchers and consultants.

Our start up activities include:

Community strategy
Community management capabilities
Juridical and end-user licens aspects
Set up and on-boarding
Technical introduction to the platform
How to engage community membersContact us for more information and prices about how to get started with a workshop.

Get a demonstration of the platform

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