The newspaper sharing community

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My parents in law Inge and Børge, have many years been circulating newspapers among a community of neighbours. Not only do they share different newspapers, they also get a change to briefly keep contact with their (senior) neighbours on a daily basis and are noticed if neighbours are away on holiday. They have their own agreements of who get to fill out the crosswords in which newspapers, and who get to read which newspaper first. When meeting in the doorway they often get a brief update on projects and tasks. Børge is also helping out in neighbour gardens, if somebody needs a helping hand. When one of their neighbours Marie died last winter they all helped out her family, cleaning and clearing her home. Erna needed help with her vacuum cleaner, since her cleaning lady often had problems getting it working, and Erna often forgot how it worked. Therefore Erna and Inge collaboratively made signs as reminders of how to operate the vacuum cleaner.

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