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I am associate professor at the design school in Copenhagen, where I teach codesign and constructive design research.  I have worked with interaction design and design participation from machine tools to the infrastucturing of community networks. Together with my colleagues Eva and Maria I was part of a related project, Seniorinteraction, where we and ITU worked with Copenhagen municipality to facilitate network building among senior citizens.

My interest in the Give&Take project is both methodological and thematic. Methodologically I am very interested in how designers and design researchers can work with societal challenges in fields that are traditionally governed my bureaucratic and political procedures. And related to this I find it very interesting to explore what kind of role of citizenship is offered to the participants, and to understand what happens as we move from thinking of participants as user to thinking of them as authorized citizens.

In the project my role will be together with my colleagues at the design school to take a lead in conducting user research and organizing collaborative design laboratories through out the different stages of the project. This means that we have most of our time to spend in WP2 and WP3 (and a lead role in WP3). My favorite thing to share is stories of which I believe we will have many more to tell as we commence the project work.

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